The Beautiful Lawn You Always Dreamed Of – With Cedar Green Lawncare As part of your community, we believe in going that extra mile to keep your lawn looking great. We are very serious when we say we have the highest quality lawn care services and weed control to produce the healthiest yards. Call us today at 703.444.5544 to schedule your FREE consultation! Let your lawn drink up all the benefits our EXPERTS can offer:

What we do that others don’t:

  • Use professional, state licensed technicians
  • Offer free service calls between lawn care applications
  • Use the highest quality products (John Deere)
  • Have local ownership and operation
  • Guarantee overall satisfaction!

Lawn Fertilization Program
Our extensive lawn fertilization program is proven to create green healthy yards every time. We carefully select the appropriate fertilizer for each season. Additionally included with our fertilization program:

  • Organic fertilizer during the summer months to prevent summer turf burn
  • Weed control with every fertilization application
  • Personal care to locate and spray weeds and recognize problem areas within your yard
  • 6 month guaranteed crabgrass prevention
  • Free nutsedge and lawn disease control

Granular vs. Liquid Fertilizers
Fertilizers come in granular and liquid form. A granular fertilizer has many advantages over liquid fertilizers. The granular fertilizer is safer for lawn traffic since it doesn’t require drying and it has a slower release which produces more lasting, even results.