Lawn Fertilization

At Cedar Green Lawncare, we use only the highest quality lawn fertilizer. What does that mean for you? High quality results.
Lawn Fertilization Schedule
Our complete 7 step lawn fertilization program keeps your lawn green and properly fed all season long. It has been custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of nutrients that you lawn needs throughout the growing season. Your lawn deserves the best care that you can give it; allow us to bring beauty and health to your landscape.

Green Up Early as our early spring application helps your lawn recover from winter damage. This high nitrogen, slow release fertilizer will promote growth, color and overall good health. Broadleaf weed control included.

Round 2: Mid-Spring Weed Prevention
Keep Out Crabgrass with our 6-month guaranteed crabgrass pre-emergent, included with your slow release fertilization and broadleaf weed control

Round 2: Mid-Spring Weed Prevention
Enjoy your dark green lawn with our late spring application of slow release fertilizer to provide a steady food source for the summer months. Broadleaf weed control is also included (Grub control recommended for an additional charge).

Round 4: Early Summer Lawn Fertilization
Enjoy your lawn all summer long as our SUMMER BLEND fertilization protects your lawn from disease and brown spots. Broadleaf weed control is also included (Grub control recommended for an additional charge).

Round 5: Summer Lawn Fertilization
Organic based fertilizer combats summer heat stress and supplies nutrients necessary for plant development and color. Broadleaf weed control included.

Round 6: Early Fall Lawn Fertilization
Our fall application includes a slow release, granular fertilization and broadleaf weed control. Customers that order our fall aeration and over seeding will receive starter fertilization at no additional charge.

Round 7: Late Fall Application
The winterizer is a high potassium fertilizer, which helps protect your grass blades from drying out and cracking during the cold winter months. This will allow your lawn to recover quickly at winter’s end.

Contact us today for more information or to set-up your lawn care program!

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