Weed Control Prevention

Weed Control & Prevention
Weed control is included with all Cedar Green Lawncare fertilization programs. When we visit your home for a scheduled lawn fertilization, we will identify problem areas and treat your lawn with a selective weed control that is tough on weeds and gentle on your lawn. We also offer free service calls between applications if you notice any weeds appearing between our standard lawn fertilization visits. To schedule a free service call, simply call or email our office and we will get a technician out to resolve your problem!

Common Weed Prevention
A healthy lawn is naturally preventative to weed growth. The thick root system helps choke out unwanted weeds before they can grow and will greatly limit the frequency of weed development. Proper fertilization and watering will also help achieve this. However, this is usually not going to prevent all weeds even in the healthiest of lawns.

Cedar Green Lawncare uses a selective weed control that can effectively kill weeds without damaging existing turf. Many have seen the unsightly effects of products like Roundup that kill the weeds but also destroy everything around it, leaving brown marks surrounding the dead weeds. This makes the lawn look even worse than the weed did alive and is not recommended for the health and beauty of your turf. These products should only be used in areas that don’t contain existing vegetation like sidewalks. Our selective herbicides are safe for grass but tough on weeds, targeting all of the common lawn weeds including: dandelions, clover, ground ivy (creeping charlie), and wild violets. The gentle, yet effective herbicide will begin impacting weeds in 24 hours. Over the course of 7-10 days, the weeds will begin to shrivel and die. Crabgrass & Nutsedge Prevention
Crabgrass and nutsedge are two of the few lawn weeds that require special attention for control. Green T offers free nutsedge and crabgrass treatments included with our lawn fertilization program. For crabgrass, we provide a free preventative pre-emergent treatment to limit crabgrass before it sprouts. In the occasion that any crabgrass or nutsedge do appear in your lawn, we offer free spray treatments during applications to eliminate these pesky weeds. In addition, we offer free service calls between applications should a problem arise before we’ve had a chance to control your weed problem. Click the link to learn more about crabgrass prevention & control.


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